Friday, July 18, 2008

ok ladies...

you've all been working hard at purging and 'scrappin' yo' crap' so...treat yourself to something new (after all, while it sure does feel good to use that 8 tons of chipboard you just simply had to have, you must certainly be tired of it right?)

The lovely and talented Noel at is having a sale THIS WEEKEND ONLY. so get your happy selves on over there and purhcase $20 or more and get a FREE, yes FREE stamp this weekend only. did i mention it's free and this weekend only? see....
(image is directly from Noel's super awesome site...she's got all kinds of goodies over there...if you haven't checked out her amazing kits yet, be sure to do that right now!)

Thanks girls, now if you haven't done challenge #24 (see below), please give it a shot! i am lovin' all the layouts i am seeing! who needs Bazzill Just the Edge, eh? (well, i do. unless i want my straight lines all 'wampy-jawed' as my mil would say. not sure what that means, but i think it applies here.)

anyway, i'm blabbing. this is the first and LAST time Greta asks me to post something on here all by myself :)

and don't forget...give Noel a visit here for your free stampie!!!


Dana said...

Just checked out her site again for like the billionth time... those kits are packed to the gills with goodies :)

Anonymous said...

Love the new Blinkie!!

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