Monday, April 28, 2008

Challenge #13: Chip off the 'ol Board

It seems as though all the kits come with chipboard these days.
Some plain, some with words or print already on them, in all shapes, sizes and colors.
Chipboard is everywhere.

So pull out that chipboard and let's use it up this week.
This week's challenge is to use at least 3 pieces of chipboard (letters do not count).

And remember to link to your creations in the comments section so that we can see all your chippy goodness!



Queen Noel's


this weeks crapper scrapper participants:

Monday, April 21, 2008

Challenge #12: Brad Bonanza

These tiny pronged goodies hold a prominent place in my collection.
I have them in all shapes, sizes and colors.
You never know when you might need a cow shaped brad, am I right?

So this week, we challenge you to bust out those brads and use at least 15 or more on a layout.
Miss Greta recommends 25 or more, so that is the challenge that we are participating in, but feel free to just use up as many as you possibly can in as many creative ways you can think of.

Be sure to post the link to your brad beauties in the comment section so we can see all your wonderful creations!

Our Queen, Noel's



Yes my fingers are killing me after all those ;)
132 brads to be exact!


Brads on this one as well.


Used the new Scenic Route Providence papers on this one and their letter stickers too.
I thought for sure I would meet Greta's 25 brad challenge but I am one short at 24...dang!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Queen of the Crap: Noel Mignon Fabbri

We would like to extend a HUGE thanks to Jenifer for her noble reign as our queen for the past two weeks.

And now, everyone put your hands together for our new Queen of the Crap...
(We LOVE this picture!)

Name: Noel Mignon Fabbri

Blog Address: I have a bunch…let’s use this one…NoelMignon Layouts
Her Store:
(Which has the most amazing kits we've seen on the web!)
Challenge Blog: NoelMignon Challenges

Crafts you dabble in: I like to make cards and sew a bit. I also dabble in children’s a/c projects with my boys.

Favorite color(s): blue and green, oh and yellow and orange and red….lol!

Do you have a room of crap, a closet of crap or a shelf of crap? I have a room of crap plus a garage full of more crap!

What supply to you have the most of? Probably a toss up between patterned paper and ribbon.

What supply do you hoard the most? I hoard flowers….I have tons and I have 3 boys so I don’t get to use them much. But I do try and add the occasional floral to my boy pages whenever possible.

What brand do you use the most? I love Crate Paper and I end up “using” every scrap of it, as well as MME.

What brand do you own the most of but use the least? BG

Keep your scraps or throw them away? Toss em’ to make room for more.

Organized or perfectly chaotic? Pretty chaotic.

Crafting motto? “Well, at least I got that one done”.

Create with friends or alone? I’m the lone wolf. Rarely, I will crop with a friend or 2, but I like to scrap by myself with my music and my space and take my time. Plus I hate to pack up and take it with me.

What supply do you need a challenge for so that you will use it up? I honestly think I will never be able to use it all up….it’s an ever growing pile of crap!

We are so excited to have Noel join us for a couple weeks, she has been on fire lately with her mojo and everything that she seems to make these days is amazing!Monday will be her first challenge.

And don't forget, we are looking for more queens (we have a whole calendar year to fill) and would love to have our some of our loyal crapper scrappers join the SYC court.

So, be sure to link up your work.
YOU could be the next person crowned!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Challenge #11: Tool-tally Cool

I love tools.
Crafty tools that is.
Paper Crimpers, Cropadile, Sizzix...I love them all.
When I see a new gadget, I just love seeing what it can do.
Of course it may only be useful to me about 3 times, but I still feel like I have to have it.

So bust out those tools!
And actually use them.
This week's challenge is to use 2 or more tools on your page, card or project.
So pull out that Basic Grey notch maker thingy, grab your cuttlebug and finally use that Heidi Swapp mini iron....and make something fabulous!

Be sure to post the links to your tool-tally cool projects in the comment section and thanks for joining in the fun!

Our Current Queen - Jenifer's

I used the Making Memories Tag Maker-I think that I have had this for 3-4 years now? At least for a while, and I actually had to take it out of the package and read the directions. I do a Title page for my albums so this worked for that, I made sure that I used lots of those silver rings since I now had them out of the package.

Cricut and HS mini Iron:
I was dreading this layout like I dread seeing the in-laws...{deep sigh}
I HAVE to have all these fabulous tools and go to great lenghts to get them but when it comes to using them I can't be bothered. I've had my cricut and 5 cartridges now for 2+ years and have used it a total of 3 times {GASP!} the horror i know! Now moving on to the iron...would it be bad if i said i have had this for about 2 years as well and NEVER used it? The only thing i have done with this cute little thing is plug it in..until now...i finally ironed out some ribbon and it is now back in my medium size tool drawer. ;)

For this one I used my Sizzix to cut out the flowers from Chatterbox pattern paper and used my Cropadile to set those eyelets but I realized that I broke my Cropadile so they are a little wonky.
Has anyone else broke the little piece on the Cropadile that holds the eyelet?
I also used my Bind It All to make my kraft cardstock look like the red paper from Creative Cafe.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Challenge #10: Button Up that Project!

Hey peeps, it's Simone.
If there is one thing that I love collecting and hoarding, it's buttons.
I have well over 1000.
Don't believe it?
Well, you can take a look at my latest purchase and current collection HERE.
Yep...many, many buttons.

So, this week, we are going Button Crazy!
Our challenge is to use more than 10 buttons on your page, card or project.
Greta pushed me even further and suggested 25 or more...after the initial shock, I suggest perhaps 15?
I am a Button Wuss.
But I used up a few on all these little projects.
And sadly, these projects only made a tiny dent in my stash!

So use up as many of those little embellishments as you can and show us all your buttony goodness. For the true challenge, use up 15 or more on one project...go ahead, I dare ya!

Be sure to post a link to your button projects in the comments section!

We love to comment and praise your awesome work, so be sure to tell us where you're posting it whether it be your blog, an online gallery or anywhere else...without this link, we have no where to comment you back!

Thanks for joining us!

Greta's Project and Card:
I have found the perfect ribbon for it but i haven't put it on yet
I didn't count the buttons but i can assure you it's ALOT and sadly didn't make a dent in the old button stash :(
30 Buttons used for the hair...See I am not a button wuss ;)

Our Current Queen - Jenifer's
This uses 13 buttons and I think it is one of my favorite layouts of all times.

Simone's stuff (I went a little button crazy this week):
This pictures crack me up.
The journaling block is Collage Press and that little piece that says "fun" is from Daisy D, very old.
All my buttons this week were from Oriental Trading.
This patterned paper is the new Cogsmo line from Cosmo Cricket and the letter stickers are from Doodlebug.
This card is from the Target $1 spot.
The stamp is from Stampin' Up! and I made the little stems myself.

This week's Participants:

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Queen of the Crap: Jenifer

A big fat thank you to our past queen Karen who ruled our kingdom with grace the past two weeks. Karen, you rock the crap!

Now, Bow your heads and pay tribute to our new Queen.....

Name: Jenifer Cowels

Blog: Creating Fool

Crafts you dabble in: Sewing, Quilting, Scrapbooking etc.

Favorite color(s): Right now its Chocolate Brown and Sea Foam Green

Do you have a room of crap, a closet of crap or a shelf of crap? I have an entire room of crap.

What supply to you have the most of? Fabric and Paper

What supply do you hoard the most? Ribbons and Lace

What brand do you use the most? I love Making Memoreis, Heidi Grace and Cloud 9

Keep your scraps or throw them away? I keep my scraps

Organized or perfectly chaotic? Perfectly organized chaos

Crafting motto? Just keep swimming

Create with friends or alone? I like to do mine alone, I get more done that way

What supply do you need a challenge for so that you will use it up? Remember when Making Memories came out with that dye that you could use to dye ribbons and paper and such. Well lets just say that I had so much fun dying all my supplies that I have at least 100 yards of nicely dyed Twill tape that needs to be used.

I bought the kids shoes this week and the box of one of them was extra cool. I actually had to fight my daughter for the box. Anyway This layout is done completely with the different patterns that the box had on it including the Journaling label. I was looking for paper to go with this picture for awhile and this was perfect. His Name is Caleb and so the Orange C was fantastic. I honestly didnt do anything but cut the box apart and attach with large eyeletts and tie some twine to it for detail. I think it turned out pretty good for "crap".

Now that's what I call a true crap scrapper!!
Keep watching for Jenifer's first challenge which will be presented on Monday.

And wanna be a Queen of the Crap?
Who wouldn't?!
Well, keep on playing with us and you can be next!
We love seeing all your great crap creations and look forward to crowning some of you in upcoming weeks.
Thanks for all your hard work and support, we truly appreciate it.

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