Saturday, August 1, 2009

Challenge #45: Packing Materials or any non scrappy item

This month we want to see some packing materials or any item that is not a "normal" scrappy item...ya bubble wrap, packing tape, masking tape, band aid's, chop sticks ;) anything that is not a standard scrappy product.


I love using packing materials on my projects. Whenever I am looking for that "one" thing to set off my layout, I tend to grab some masking tape or stamp parts of the background with the help of painted bubble wrap. In this example I used some white paint on a piece of bubble wrap and pressed it onto the background for a accented look. Additionally I write my journaling on two pieces of overlapping masking tape (which I distressed by running an inpad lightly over them)


Yep that is band aid's. Anyone who knows me or follows my personal blog knows i LOVE LOVE LOVE anything skully...yay for me it is the "in" thing right now because i can find all kinds of stuff...before i had to really search.

We can't wait to see your creative..think outside the embellishment box :P be sure to link us so we can ooh and Ahh or slap ourselves on the forehead and say "why didn't i think of that". Dontcha hate when you have that moment?

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