Friday, July 10, 2009

Challenge #44: Unwanted letters

Ok, so this didn't exactly show up as scheduled for the 10th...the auto-post didn't work. it was scheduled, but it just didn't publish. but it's here now and i really hope you'll still play along!

Show us how creative you can get and use up those alpha's like ZZZZZ and QQQQQ which always seem to be leftover. Use them on layouts, wall-art...anything! Don't hoard them anymore...use them!!! Here's what we came up with:

okay, these are my least favorite, imposter thickers. but i must say, this is one of my fave layouts i've done in a long time. i love tracing the letters and then peeling them up. good way to conserve the letters you actually use a lot of (like the Sassafras ones also used on here, traced and removed). and then the rest of the letters on there--well, this is a good way to use them up too!

O.K. Total No Brainer! What else on earth am I going to do with all those "zs"!!!

My sister taking a nap with a lego man at legoland Carlsbad :)


Well, believe it or not but I rarely have left over letter stickers...honest! I use my "Z's"as an alternative to the letter "N" (meaning I flip them 90 degrees to the left or right). The other letter generally ignored is the Q - but again, I just cut the little swirl off and turn it into an "O".
So, this challenge actually DID turn into a real challenge for me :)
What always seems to be totally ignored on my sticker sheets are actually the numbers and here in particular the number "8". Don't ask - I have NO idea....
So, I took two "8's" and turned them into an embellishment on this card - not too shabby of an idea, don't you think?

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