Sunday, August 31, 2008

Queen of the Crap: Rose Andrews

thank you Colleen for reigning queen and conquering those challenges.

This weeks queen is the ever so fabulous Rose Andrews aka Lollybert on SIS!
Welcome Rose and we can't wait to see what you created!

here is what she had to say to our questions!

Crafts you dabble in: A bit of doll-housing a bit of painting a bit of wreath making

Favorite color(s): GREENS..I heart some yummy green

Do you have a room of crap, a closet of crap or a shelf of crap? Literally a room of crap..., there are two litter boxes in my scrap room :o)

What supply to you have the most of? Flower stamps..dear Lord I never need to buy another flower stamp again...yet they magically end up in my cart.

What supply do you hoard the most? Bazzill Raven Black cardstock...I buy it by the gross it seems.

What brand do you use the most? VERSA DEW DROP INKS - Is there any other supply in the world???

What brand do you own the most of but use the least? Probably K & Company...I love it but never use it.

Keep your scraps or throw them away? Toss! I don't like used stuff...I'm a spoiled princess

Organized or perfectly chaotic? Chaotically Organized

Crafting motto? There's always room for one more embie

Create with friends or alone? Usually alone

What supply do you need a challenge for so that you will use it up? Rub Ons!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Challenge #30: Clip-a-licious

You ready for this week? Good!
Before I get on with the challenge for this week I want to let you know some changes that will be happening to SYC. We will no longer do the challenges every week...I don't know if you noticed or not but i haven't done the last few and that really makes me sad :( Sometimes life gets in the way and I cannot keep up. Really , I have done well considering I have been doing this since February. So with that being said, we will post challenges on the 1st and the 15th of every month. Once a week is just getting to be too much. For those of you that have been with us from the beginning thank you very very much for the support.
Okay enough of all that bull malarkie now let's move forth..

We want you to use any kinds of clips you have: paper clips, binder clips, swirl clips you get the hint..mix and match them..we don't care we want to see minimum requirement for this challenge but try and use as many as you can.

Queen Colleen:

I used 4 clips on this layout.


The peace and ok hand signals are actually paper clips...


I used a bunch of clips throughout this mini album. On the cover, i threaded a plastic charm and tied some ribbon. The album contains all my 'leftover' pics that i didn't want to scrapbook, but didn't want to throw away either. You can see all of it here.

Please don't forget to comment in the comments section of the blog and link us up to your project so we can see what you crap scrappers are doing :)

Clip-o-licious schtuff:

Monday, August 18, 2008

Challenge #29: Punch you out!

Cirlce, square, rectangle, tab, flower, foot, leaf, tree, soccer ball, they made some seriously good punches back in the day...and you had every single one of them. But my guess is you used them once if at all, right? Now here's your chance!

Dig 'em on out and use at least three punches on one layout; get crafty, get creative, get punchy! OK, that was pretty sad. But not as sad as those poor punches laying around collecting dust! Show us what you got!

And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE remember to let us know where you're posting your layout. Feel free to add it to the slideshow, but also remember to at least leave us a few bread crumbs to find your blog or something so we can come visit you and your punch-tastic layout! OK, where is Greta? She's going to be mad at me for being soooo dumb on this post.

(have a good one! --karen a.k.a. liz:) )

Queen Colleen

I actually managed to use 4 circle ones!! YEAH!!!


I used 4 punches on this layout:

Punch Participants:

I used 4 punches here: the two sizes of circles, one flower and a border punch.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Challenge #28: Very Vellum

Ackkk remember vellum? Do you have every color of the rainbow like me? if not I can share ;) This week make a project, layout, card or whatever else that floats your boat using the beloved (had to have ) vellum.

Queen Elizabeth's:

Elizabeth made herself a flower embellishment.. (love that idea)

I like how the vellum creates a frosty effect on transparencies....

I made waves with the vellum and I used it over the photo and then tore away the part of the picture that I wanted more visible.

Ok, I had zeee-ro vellum! I had to use a piece of scrap...and I really had to dig for that! The piece I used is actually from a sheet I had printed some items on a long, long time ago for my first son's baby book...dates of his 'firsts'. It had some typos and wrong dates, so I cut a strip off the bottom. It's the yellow piece. It was white; I painted it, let it dry then crinkled it all up! I never knew what to do with vellum then, and I still don't! But, alas, I have used all my 'crap' vellum!!!

Vellum Girls:
slide has been moved to the project slide which can be found on the ride hand side of the blog on the side bar :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Challenge #27: Bead Bonanza

OY! Did someone say beads? yep we did....break em out girls...i know you have them...word beads...letter beads....shiny beads...micro beads....u are bound to have some kind in your stash. Lets use them up....the one that uses the most beads will get a gold star :)

Queen Elizabeth's:


I looked in my scrap crap and I was actually suprise! I don't have a ton of them... hmmm shocking a scrap item that I don't have too much of!!.. I decided a touch of beads was enough... I can't go out and buy some cause I have to use up my stash right?? RIGHT!


that is micro beads on a wire that is suppose to be for a wine glass charm... :)


My beaded wire was truly crap that had been in a drawer for a few years!


i totally wish i had wedding photos to use this technique! i was totally goofing around when i started this and had a totally different idea in my head until i decided to decorate my hand drawn doodles with the beads. it's a bit much, but it sure was fun! the spine of the book was a find at our Goodwill...50 cents!

Beading Inspiration:
slide has been moved to the project blog which can be found on the right hand side of the side bar :)

Queen of the Crap: Elizabeth Manna

Thank you so much mica for reigning queen for the last two challneges. You knocked them out of the park and we couldn't be more proud.
This week we have an amazing talented new queen. You can read more about her below and through her blog.

Name: elizabeth

Blog Address(if you have one): My Own Lil Space

Any other websites: Good Morning Sunshine

Crafts you dabble in: i love to scrap (of course!), knit, paint, crochet, cross stitch, make jewelry, pretty much if its crafty, i like to do it.

Favorite color(s): lately i've been going thru a yellow spell

Do you have a room of crap, a closet of crap or a shelf of crap? i have a room of lovelies

What supply to you have the most of? i really can't narrow this down to just one. i would say that i have a ton of paper, fabric, embellies, stickers, blah blah.

What supply do you hoard the most? hmmm...prolly american crafts

What brand do you use the most? again, i can't narrow this down to just one.

What brand do you own the most of but use the least? i would say that actually, i use mine all pretty equally. depends on the lo/project and what i want to use.

Keep your scraps or throw them away? def keep.

Organized or perfectly chaotic? both.....i can't stand the chaos, but while i work i'm messy. i try and clean up between each project

Be sure and check back tomorrow for a new challenge that will sure get you inspired!

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