Sunday, March 1, 2009

Challenge # 40: Recycle It

It's that time again...this month we want to recycle. I have to admit. I am not the "go green" type of gal but it is fun to take trash and turn it into something really cute. Cereal boxes, plastic pieces, tags off of clothing. whatever you want to recycle that is your task this month. can't wait to see what you come up with.


This was made using a cereal box

this was made using a piece of cardboard and some leftover pieces of cereal boxes.

I have been collecting tags forever, and added to the stash after our Christmas toy explosion, i thought i'd finally do something with all of them. this is all about Michael (my oldest). all the things he likes. i really could have added a lot more, but you get the point. my 'canvas' was the front side of an indiana jones lego box. how's that for recycling? oh, and i FINALLY used some of those scenic route chipboard pieces!
for this project i used more leftover cardboard to create a gentle reminder for my 7 year old son. view more pics here. TIP: when stripping the top layer of paper off corrugated cardboard, tear against the grain of the ripply stuff...if it starts to tear, use a paper piercer to cut down the creases and pick off the excess paper. i'm not sure that made any sense...or maybe you have a better solution you'd like to share (cuz mine is really a pain in the butt when it tears.)


I love, yeah LOVE using cardboard as a background medium. It is cheap to come by (just rip up those pizza boxes!) and versatile to use. Peel off some of the top layer to reveal the corrugated bits, as in this example. You can create minibooks, wall-hangings, cards and layouts with the wonder that is generally dismissed as packaging...
I have also used some clear packaging to cut the background of the flowers with my Cuttlebug.

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