Thursday, October 1, 2009

Challenge #47: Old Layouts

So remember when you first started dabbling in scrapbooking...or if you were like me you collected forever before you made your first layout...well.....we want to see your first layout or some where close to it. Now i have to of my very first layouts i still look back at because girls i can't is hysterical....i mean i was cool before i knew i was cool {eyeroll} in my mind at least.

and without further ado for your laughing pleasure (and mine too) i present to you my (greta's) ridiculously awesome tooth layout..

yep it is in all it's glory....and it still cracks me up. and yes that IS dental floss in between those fabulous cutout pictures made to look like giant molars that may have came out of the jolly green giants mouth....but hey... i was cool..or so i though {huge deep sigh}
layout was done appx in 2002 ....go us what you got or thought you had back in the day ;) oh and don't be trying to sneak one in on us with some layout that looks all spiffy with no cutout pics or bobble heads hanging in the air or better yet....frames that were not cut out with deco scissors....cause we all know you have some layouts hiding like that :) :)


Oh my...I have to admit that my very first scrapbook pages are not as cringe worthy as my first cards - but we have to leave that for another time.
May I present to you - anno December 2004, my first official layout. I had no idea about sizes and bought a 10 x 10 ring-bound album (don't ask...) and had to cut all my 12 x 12 papers to size.

The pictures are of my Granddad as a wee boy and older (obviously) and I think you can totally see how I moved over from card making to scrapping -> look at the vellum and golden glittery paper. Surely those items must be totally illegal by now :)

so get them out girls and show off what you were *so proud* of back in the day!! we wanna see.... and i promise..we will not laugh AT you we will laugh with you :)

because i just got finished bustin a gut with that molar layout....BWHAHAHAHAHAHA

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