Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Challenge #41: Good Intentions

Good intentions you ask? Let me explain..You know the altoids tins, or old picture frames that are yucky but you think aww I can make it pretty..or how about cigar boxes. This month we want you to dig something out that you have been hoarding or saving whatever you say you do, I HOARD, and turn your good intentions into a completed project.

Here's what we did:


I have been saving these frames forever and seriously had good intentions. I made this for my best friend as a christmas gift.


I am a serious horder of boxes and packaging, always saying "don't throw that, I can use it"...but do I ever? In this case I can finally say "YAY, I've done it - I altered a box of tampons..."

So this is what it used to look like

And this is what it looks now.

If you ever get a little box from me for your birthday you never know, it may have been a box of *wotsits" before :)


My favorite and least expensive present idea is to buy a really inexpensive picture frame (preferably from the dollar bins at Target) to alter. I love nothing more then getting out all my acrylic paints and going to town on a frame. That way it hardly matters what the frame looks like when you buy it. Just look for a frame that is flat enough to add embellishements to and one that isn't too narrow so you can decorate it. I add patterned paper and whatever fun embellies I feel will look the best and voila!


i found this little number at Michael's a while back. it was supposed to be for a teacher Christmas gift. you can see how that all worked out. i have tons of these sorts of things, flower pots, old boxes, birdhouses, notebooks, ring binders, postal boxes, wooden name it, i most likely have it.

You know the drill us your crap and what you do with it.

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