Monday, June 30, 2008

Challenge #22: Show us your stars and stripes

Since 4th of july is right around the corner let's do a patriotic layout, card or project. The only rules is it has to be red, white and blue OR patriotic themed using non traditional patriotic colors. ..the choice is yours...have fun with it.
Queen Sasha is a Master Sgt in the U.S. Air force and we would not only like to thank her for her 2 weeks of challenges but also thank the men and women of the military for all they do for our freedom and to keep us safe. Thank you Sasha and to the United States Military.

Those of you that are our cardmakers if you make a card for this challenge we would appreciate it if you would send it to a soldier in Iraq to say thanks for all they do and we are thinking of them. You can visit Any to read more about this fabulous program.
Thank you again.
Now on with our Crap:

Queen Sasha:

Just a nightly prayer circle before a convoy and before bed. It was something that we partook in .. it touches me and sometimes I just tear up when I see this photo...because I have seeon so much stuff .. (shaking my head)...

I just hope that some understand it is not just another pretty layout, but the meaning behind the layout ..

I went into the Air Force in 1995 and met some ladies that were magnificant, it just so happens I still talk to some of them today...I cannot believe I still have these photos...


Since Simone is up to her eyeballs in the opening of the new scrap store Lisa ( the last Reigning Queen was so generous enough to offer her help to me. This is great because now you have more inspiration. Thank you kindly Lisa :) Here is her layout

Remember to post your link to your work in the comments section or post it directly to our slide show.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Challenge #21: Shape of Things To Come

This week we are concentrating on those cute border papers that are EVERYWHERE!
You know the one's by bazzill, making memories, fancy pants, sassafrass...yeah those are the ones i am referring to. Break em out , use 'em, work 'em. We want to see at least 2 DIFFERENT borders on one layout, project or card. If you do not have any border papers (GASP! how could you not) then make your own using some templates that you have been hoarding since 1999. Yeah those...dust them off put them to work.

Remember to post your links to your Crap in the comments section or add it directly to the blog. We want to see these borders and edges

Queen Sasha's:


Bazzill Border and MM noteworthy

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Queen of the Crap: Sasha Holloway

Huge Thank you goes out to Lisa for her 2 week reign. You did a fabulous job and rocked those challenges like a rockstar.

Now please put your hands together for our newest reigning queen for the next 2 weeks

Name: Sasha Holloway

Blog : Sasha's Blog

Crafts you dabble in: I love to make handwoven baskets

Favorite color(s): Red, Black and White

Do you have a room of crap, a closet of crap or a shelf of crap? closet and shelf/half room of CRAP

What supply to you have the most of? chipboard letters and albums..

What supply do you hoard the most? THICKERS

What brand do you use the most? Fancy Pants AND THICKERS

What brand do you own the most of but use the least? Basic Grey
Keep your scraps or throw them away? I keep them in a drawer

Organized or perfectly chaotic? I am organized baby

Crafting motto? ..Ima make it do what it do

Create with friends or alone? I am a loner

What supply do you need a challenge for so that you will use it up? eyelet's

Monday Sasha will roll out her very first challenge so check back. And remember ladies we are looking for more queens.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Challenge #20: Tag you're it!

This week we are pulling out and dusting off those tags that we all bought in every color and size they had. Lucky for me i used all mine up except for 2 a while back on a project so i had to make my own. This weeks challenge is 4 tags minimum on your layout, card or project.

Make sure you link your projects in the comments section or the slide so we can see all your fabulous creations.

Queen Lisa's


Remember girls those who participate have a chance at reigning queen of the crap in the future.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Challenge #19: Father's Day

In honor of father's day we want to dedicate this free reign, no rules challenge this week. Here is your chance to get that father's day card cranked out, a layout, or a project OR all three if you dare. Umm did i say no rules? Yeah well there is a rule IT HAS TO BE FROM YOUR STASH. NO BUYING ANYTHING NEW FOR THIS ONE!

Queen Lisa's

yep i had so much fun on the last challenge i decided to mix it up again...
well not really...i didn't realize i only had 1 "p" and then stuck them down and they stuck good...oh works.

Simone will upload her's later. She is running the new scrapbook store that opened up in chicago so if any of you are int he Chicago area stop in CraftFancy and tell her hey.

Don't forget to add your great creation to the slide or post a link in the comments section, we want to see those Father's Day creations!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Queen of the Crap: Lisa Burton

Thank you Queen Traci for your "reign of terror" the last couple weeks, we enjoyed every minute! And now, make room for the parade to welcome our new Queen, her royal highness, Lisa!!

Name: Lisa Burton

Blog: Scrapcatz

Crafts you dabble in: I've tried about everything, but scrapping is the most fulfilling. You can only crochet so many scarves and it doesn't even get that cold here!

Favorite color(s): Blue, Pink and Brown

Do you have a room of crap, a closet of crap or a shelf of crap? One room and working towards taking another over!

What supply to you have the most of? I have an equal number of supplies, I have no prejudice when it comes to what I have most of although the tools, machines and paper take up the most room.

What supply do you hoard the most? Stamps and I really need to use them sometimes, I really love collecting them.

What brand do you use the most? Right now I seem to be using a lot of Fiskars, I couldn't resist those Fiskadeals they had in March.

What brand do you own the most of but use the least? Fancy Pants, they look so cute, but I never get around to actually using them.

Keep your scraps or throw them away? I keep most of them, unless it's really small or really ugly!

Organized or perfectly chaotic? I tried to clean off my work space after each layout, but the rest is completely chaotic.

Crafting motto? Git R Done

Create with friends or alone? Alone..sniff, sniff I have no friends that scrap and I just wouldn't have a clue what to pack up and take to a crop at the LSS.

What supply do you need a challenge for so that you will use it up? Well it wouldn't be used up but I need to use my stamp collection.

Lisa's first challenge will roll out first thing Monday morning!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Challenge #18: Letter Sticker Mix Up

I admit it, I have an addiction to letter stickers.
It is probably the thing I own the most of.
Wait, my paper might win that one....well, it's a close second.
I just love to collect them.
In all colors and fonts.
And then I run out of S and E and M, quite quickly in fact.
And then I don't wanna use that style anymore or I feel like I can't.

So, the challenge this week is to use 3 or more different letter stickers in your title or on your card. Mix and Match! Play with the different fonts and colors, try to make it work!

And don't forget to add your great creation to the slide or post a link in the comments section, we want to see those letters hard at work!

Our Queen, Traci's:


I am totally addicted to thickers of all kinds (except the velvet ones..blech!)


Letters by Making Memories, Scrapworks, Target $1 spot and AC Thickers. Patterned Paper is Celebration Collection by American Crafts.

This weeks players are:
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