Sunday, June 15, 2008

Challenge #20: Tag you're it!

This week we are pulling out and dusting off those tags that we all bought in every color and size they had. Lucky for me i used all mine up except for 2 a while back on a project so i had to make my own. This weeks challenge is 4 tags minimum on your layout, card or project.

Make sure you link your projects in the comments section or the slide so we can see all your fabulous creations.

Queen Lisa's


Remember girls those who participate have a chance at reigning queen of the crap in the future.


Lisa said...

This was a fun challenge and these pics of my baby brother really reflect his personality!

Aimee said...

i think i'm getting addicted to these challenges.this is mine.

noelmignon said...

I'm in on this one!! I'll be back on Thursday with mine!

Lene said...

Here's mine! My first.
Fiskateer #1073

mica said...

I don't think I ever bought tags. But I have a couple of tag dies that I don't use enougn of. So I used one today.

Jennipher said...

Definitely need to play this one! Hope to make it back before the deadline. Great Challenge

karen akaliz said...

here's mine on my blog:

Melanie said...

Here is my layout:

I only just found this blog and love it already.

Crystal said...

Ive lurked for a while and had to get in on this one. Thanks for a super fun challenge

Anonymous said...

This site is FABULOUS! The challenge was great fun, I am into my tags again now :) All of these challenge layouts are awesome, very inspiring!

I may have submitted my layout like, 20 times cuz I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING - LOL.

Here is a link to mine:

Blueyecicle said...

OK I added mine too!

Melanie said...

All the layouts are gorgeous girls, well done.

Anonymous said...

Here's mine at Fiskateers:

This was fun; I love tags!

kristine said...

Hi I have completed the challenge using some tags i really hate, I bought them many years ago when i first started scrapping and like many of those things i cant stand. So thank you for giving me a reason to use them and giving them a home

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