Sunday, November 30, 2008

Queen of the Crap: BRITTA

Our December Queen is none other than Britta.
Please give her a warm welcome. She has done some awesome things this month and hope you will be inspired as well.

Lets get to know a little bit about is what she had to say

My name is Britta.

My blog is Pink Giraffe
Besides scrapping I love to paint and draw.

My favorite color is PINK (but I always have another "favorite season color" which this autumn is a greyish blue).

I have all my srapping supplies in our office and so kind of made our office to MY room of (s)crap.

I have lots of paper.

I hoard lots of paper.

I grab every Making Memories supply that I can find here in Germany.
Besides Making Memories I don´t go for brands but buy what I like (mostly pink paper).

I keep my scraps in a little box and give this box to my mom from time to time (and so does she). Using up her scraps is so much more fun!

I am (most of the time) a very organized person - until I start scrapping - then my place gets a total mess!

"Have fun and create beauty!"

I usually scrap alone (with my blogland friend Dana as a "virtual mojo" in my mind).

I think I need a challenge for pink paper!!! :)

Thanks again for such a great opportunity!


Thank you Britta!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Challenge #36: Give Thanks

In honor of the upcoming thanksgiving holidays...pull out last years fall papers, embellishments and ribbons and scrap it. It can be about what you are thankful for or just a silly ole topic using up the papers.

Queen Aimee's:

last years 7 gypsies

Thought I'd share some wreaths that i've made over the last few years. All the paper elements on them are scraps. The first one uses little bit and pieces that i've tried to use on other layouts, but ended up ditching them and collecting them in a baby food jar, like buttons, flowers, etc. The first wreath is also made from scratch with a $3 clearance grape vine wreath from Michael's and some clearance items from Walmart's seasonal aisle last year (they've been sitting in a rubbermaid bin awaiting my holiday spirit).

The second is made from the garland strands you can also find at Michael's. I tied the two ends together, made each little card, tied them off with eyelets and ribbon, added the letters to spell 'Thankful', the tied off with a bow to hand.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Challenge #35: In STITCHES

sorry girls i am running behind as usual. This week we want you to
sew up something, use a template, sewing machine or just needle and thread the old fashioned way...whatever way you choose we want to see the sewing skillz

Queen Aimee's:

Sometimes just a little hand stitching can make a big difference in a simple layout.
I am all thumbs when it comes to sewing.. but I actually hand sewed the stitches and cut the little chick from a template and some felt.


I've seen this done several places, using the sewing lines as a grid of sorts. So, I thought I'd give it a try. It didn't come out exactly as I had envisioned and covered up most of the grid. I intended to put little patterned paper scrap squares here and there inside the grid boxes. My layout is 8.5x11, so maybe it would have worked better with a 12x12. I also had to use the large pp strips to cover up my super 'bad' sewing skillz!


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