Monday, February 15, 2010


You have been waiting so patiently and we are really very truly sorry that it took us SO long to make our announcement but here they are, our new SCRAP YOUR CRAP DT gals.
It will be a surprise for them to see their name too as we did not email them beforehand - so let's hope they still all want to be part of this crazeeeee ride :)

Initially we wanted to add five to the team, but we just were not able to narrow it down, so we decided to take eight of you. That's how we roll at SYC, make up some rules and then totally ignore them *tee hee*

Please help us welcome the following ladies to our team (in no particular order):

Sarah (AUS)

Congratulations to you all - we cannot wait to work with you and hope that you are as excited about scrapping your crap, as we are.

Thank you again to everyone who submitted to our call - we have been so overwhelmed with your entries that we decided to offer a GDT spot to all of you, who have not made the final team and most of you have already responded to my email, accepting the spots. I am pleased to say that it looks that we will have the most wicked GDT throughout this year...WOOHOOO.

If any of you (DT or GDT) have any questions, please E-mail me and I try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Oh and in case anyone is wondering - there will be another DT call in six months get your scissors at the ready :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

DT Call - update

We know...we know....isn't is AWFUL when the deadline for an announcement has passed and all you see is a big fat N-O-T-H-I-N-G ??

So sorry - Greta and myself have been so busy trying to narrow those awesome submission down (without tearing too much of our hair out), so we are a wee bit behind.

But fear not - the new DT members will be revealed here on the blog shortly...and there may even be more than five (ooooooh, but I ain't sayin' no more otherwise Greta is gonna clip me around the ears)

Thanks so much for your patience - we just wanted to make sure that we have given all your submissions the attention they deserved.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Challenge #50: Hearts and Glitter

I don't know about you but i have to admit i loathe V-day...yes despicable i know but i a matter of fact i am cringing to have to acknowledge this silly holiday or whatever you call it...but alas...alot of people like so i shall roll with it. :)

Your challenge is Hearts and Glitter....the more the with it...felt hearts, paper hearts, fabric hearts, chipboard, chunky glitter, fine glitter doesn't matter. YOU HAVE TO USE WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE! no buying. after all this is a using up your crap challenge blog :)

my layout is minimal and the reason is.....that's right you read it up top... BLECH!
my anniversary is on new year's eve so i thought it would be ok to use for this. Now that my friends i celebrate. hehehee! After diggin for about an hour i realized i have lots of glitter but not lots of heart stuff (lucky me) so this was the best i could do....

Make sure you post a comment with a link so we can see your stuff...

happy sparkles and glittering :)

Yeah, I am with Greta on this one - so NOT a fan of V-Day..never have, never will. I dunno, there is something about the commercialisation that totally bugs the heck out of me...and the fact that I refuse to be all lovey dovey on the day when everyone else is too. I much rather have my own special lovey dovey day some other time.

BUT heart and glitter - now THAT I can do....I am chick after all. I have to admit that ever since Glimmer Mist/Cosmic Shimmer has entered my life - I prefer to spritz some Slitter on my projects rather than faffing around with Glitter post and heatgun. The layout is spritzed all over with Glimmer Mist - even on the chipboard heart. But I can also do glitter the "normal" way as shown in the card :)

Friday, February 5, 2010



Seriously... girls ya'll are off the chain that sent in submissions...
Kim and I have a very very tough decision... I am so glad we gave ourselves a week... i promise we will need every bit of it. i am over the moon with all the talent and inspiration out there.

WOW!! Thank you girls.

Greta and Kim

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

3 more days

Girls there is 3 more days left for you to get your submissions in for the DT call.
We have received tons of fabulous stuff already. the talent out there is amazing.

if you are interested you can read all the details here

DT search ends at 11:59 a.m cst on Feb 5th

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