Sunday, August 3, 2008

Challenge #27: Bead Bonanza

OY! Did someone say beads? yep we did....break em out girls...i know you have them...word beads...letter beads....shiny beads...micro beads....u are bound to have some kind in your stash. Lets use them up....the one that uses the most beads will get a gold star :)

Queen Elizabeth's:


I looked in my scrap crap and I was actually suprise! I don't have a ton of them... hmmm shocking a scrap item that I don't have too much of!!.. I decided a touch of beads was enough... I can't go out and buy some cause I have to use up my stash right?? RIGHT!


that is micro beads on a wire that is suppose to be for a wine glass charm... :)


My beaded wire was truly crap that had been in a drawer for a few years!


i totally wish i had wedding photos to use this technique! i was totally goofing around when i started this and had a totally different idea in my head until i decided to decorate my hand drawn doodles with the beads. it's a bit much, but it sure was fun! the spine of the book was a find at our Goodwill...50 cents!

Beading Inspiration:
slide has been moved to the project blog which can be found on the right hand side of the side bar :)


Simply Mel said...

Hey girls! Oy, some pretty damn fine beady LO's going on here! Tell me do I submit one? do I post it to my blog and leave a link or do I email it to you...

Or am I missing the NEON SIGN somewhere on this blog that tells me exactly what to do? That happens a lot to me....!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

leave us a link to your layout on your blog or in an online gallery so we can leave you some love! or, when the slideshow gets going, wait until the end and add your own image...(but still leave a link here so we can go leave you some love!)

Pinky said...

OK Your killing me I have NO beads LOL I suck at Scrap your crap, I need more crap! LOL I LOVE Dana's LO!! That donut rocks and Greta your is renewed and refreshed i can tell! All of them rock WTH am I picking out 2 for??!

mica said...

I see you guys got patience! All I did was glue beads onto chipboard flowers with glossy accent. I have done this with silk flowers before and it's so easy. Love the use of those letter beads. I've got look in my daughter's beads box.

Brenda "Scrapstar" Saunders said...

Love the bare bum baby boy.
Too cute. Lisa, the layout is perfect for such a great picture.
I gotta get creating man.

And D'oh? smart thinkin'.

Heather said...

I didn't use TOO many beads because the things were annoying the crap out of me. But I did use some.

It's the first page :)

Jenn C. said...

Secret: I got someone else to bead my string and then used it on the layout. I am so lazy! Those little tiny things are annoying...that's why I never use them! Great idea though!

chelemom said...

LOVE all of these awesome LO's!!! I especially love the top one with the safety pins! Such an 80's thing! I used to wear them on my shoes!

Nevis said...

Wonderful inspiration!

aimee said...

here is mine girls. all i had were micro beads.

Simply Mel said...

Yup, micro beads too. Unfortunately beads arent a large part of the crap I stash but I had fun too!

Anonymous said...

I thought I left mine on the slide...but here is the link.

Anonymous said...

Here's mine! Thanks for a great challenge!!!
Groovy Deborah
Fiskateer #2644

Jess said...

I love Dana's donut! How creative!
I have been a bit busy lately but when I made a journaling tag to go in a review I embellished with so beads. I like how it came out. Might have to add beads to my repertoire.

Lori said...

Finally got mine done!

Debbi T said...

I'm a little late sharing mine, but here it is:

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