Monday, August 18, 2008

Challenge #29: Punch you out!

Cirlce, square, rectangle, tab, flower, foot, leaf, tree, soccer ball, they made some seriously good punches back in the day...and you had every single one of them. But my guess is you used them once if at all, right? Now here's your chance!

Dig 'em on out and use at least three punches on one layout; get crafty, get creative, get punchy! OK, that was pretty sad. But not as sad as those poor punches laying around collecting dust! Show us what you got!

And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE remember to let us know where you're posting your layout. Feel free to add it to the slideshow, but also remember to at least leave us a few bread crumbs to find your blog or something so we can come visit you and your punch-tastic layout! OK, where is Greta? She's going to be mad at me for being soooo dumb on this post.

(have a good one! --karen a.k.a. liz:) )

Queen Colleen

I actually managed to use 4 circle ones!! YEAH!!!


I used 4 punches on this layout:

Punch Participants:

I used 4 punches here: the two sizes of circles, one flower and a border punch.


Nevis said...

LOVE your layouts!

Wendy said...

these Layout look grea..but then who doesnt still love the scalloped circle..I know I do!

Colleen said...

thanks so much for inviting me to be queen! can't wait to see what everyone does with this challenge and I love what the DT did!!

Jenny said...

I don't have too many punches (I was surprised) so I only used 2. Here's the layout

Jenny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deanne said...

Mine for this challenge is here:

It's called "Water Fun". I used my SU scallop circle punch, my SU tag punch and my corner punch to make the scalloped edge on the piece of paper behind the pics on the left.

Lois aka katesmum said...

These are wonderful and I love your blog - I was tagged to list my favorite blogs and yours is one of them...

melita said...

whoo hoo! i have one to add! you can find it here!

Pinky said...

Woohoo I can dig this one too!! I am all over it. Might as well tackle it tonight! LOL OH wait I only have 2 punches but thats ok I will cut and make it look like a punch!

April D said...

Thanks for another great challenge! Here is my layout

mica said...

Thanks for fun!

Pinky said...

OK here is MINE!!!

I got to try the new MS Fence punch lastnight!! yea woohoo is right!!

karen m. (akaliz) said... the layout! i didn't know where to comment...all the swirls rock!

can't wait to see what you do with that fence punch on a halloween page!!!

Anonymous said...

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