Sunday, August 31, 2008

Queen of the Crap: Rose Andrews

thank you Colleen for reigning queen and conquering those challenges.

This weeks queen is the ever so fabulous Rose Andrews aka Lollybert on SIS!
Welcome Rose and we can't wait to see what you created!

here is what she had to say to our questions!

Crafts you dabble in: A bit of doll-housing a bit of painting a bit of wreath making

Favorite color(s): GREENS..I heart some yummy green

Do you have a room of crap, a closet of crap or a shelf of crap? Literally a room of crap..., there are two litter boxes in my scrap room :o)

What supply to you have the most of? Flower stamps..dear Lord I never need to buy another flower stamp again...yet they magically end up in my cart.

What supply do you hoard the most? Bazzill Raven Black cardstock...I buy it by the gross it seems.

What brand do you use the most? VERSA DEW DROP INKS - Is there any other supply in the world???

What brand do you own the most of but use the least? Probably K & Company...I love it but never use it.

Keep your scraps or throw them away? Toss! I don't like used stuff...I'm a spoiled princess

Organized or perfectly chaotic? Chaotically Organized

Crafting motto? There's always room for one more embie

Create with friends or alone? Usually alone

What supply do you need a challenge for so that you will use it up? Rub Ons!

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Dana said...

Welcome! Welcome!We are so honored to have your highness with us on this challenge!!!

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