Monday, September 1, 2008

Challenge #31: My product is older than yours

Crap...that's what this site is about. We've been using the more 'up to date items' in the past challenges, but now it's time to pull out the stuff in the bins that didn't sell at the lss garage sale back in 2002. You know: the tags, the MAMBI stick figure stickers, the Mrs. Grossman's chili pepper stickers, the CM borders, etc. Bust 'em out and use them today's style.

Let's see what you can create! Whoever has the oldest item will not win a darn thing except the feeling of fulfillment for using something you never thought you would.

Don't forget to leave a link to your blog or your gallery so that we can leave some love! if you just post your picture, we can't come visit you! and that would make me sad if nobody came to visit to comment on my crap :(

if you're in the hurricane, please stay safe and use some of that nervous energy to get creative!

Queen Rose's:

Using up your old stuff can be fun when you are making cards...most people you are giving them to don't know the "age" of your embellies. These were made from Current stickers that I swear I have had since the 90s and an old as time sheet of Lil Davis Tag Stickers.

well, my product is not that old...i have the KI Memories ribbon clip and the Making Memories metal flower tucked behind the picture. that's all i could dig up!
These folded silk flowers are many years old!

Remember this week's challenge will run until September 15th, then we'll post the second challenge for September. That should give you plenty of time to dig out the photo anchors and the MME Frame-Ups.

liz :)


Jules said...

Neat challenge and a great job Ladies!

Lydia said...

Can I still get in on this one? I have tons of vellum that I would like to use.

twinklescrapbooks said...

Wonderful layouts!

aimee said...

finally, i made it back!
here is mine

Anonymous said...

I've got drawers older than those embellishments...

Pinky said...

OK digging and digging some more!!!
even though I don't have that many old embellishments LOL
You ladies rocked it!

Peg said...

love this challenge so much I think I'll take it on full-time :-)
here are my two...

Peg said...

you gals are so sweet, thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog, made my day!

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