Monday, April 21, 2008

Challenge #12: Brad Bonanza

These tiny pronged goodies hold a prominent place in my collection.
I have them in all shapes, sizes and colors.
You never know when you might need a cow shaped brad, am I right?

So this week, we challenge you to bust out those brads and use at least 15 or more on a layout.
Miss Greta recommends 25 or more, so that is the challenge that we are participating in, but feel free to just use up as many as you possibly can in as many creative ways you can think of.

Be sure to post the link to your brad beauties in the comment section so we can see all your wonderful creations!

Our Queen, Noel's



Yes my fingers are killing me after all those ;)
132 brads to be exact!


Brads on this one as well.


Used the new Scenic Route Providence papers on this one and their letter stickers too.
I thought for sure I would meet Greta's 25 brad challenge but I am one short at 24...dang!


Pamela said...

Here's mine:

karen akaliz said...

wow! these layouts rock! greta, those swirls are freakin' awesome!

i sooo love my brads and have been neglecting them lately. i really hope i get to play this week!

mica said...

Great LOs! I didn't want to let you down. So I used 47 :)

Jeanette said...

I addded mine to the slide show, but it can also be seen on my blog. I managed to use 37 brads!

elizabeth said... one done on time :)

Anonymous said...

I will try to get one up here girls ! I hope to scrap today or tomorrow !

Janet said...

oh my GOODNESS! AWESOME DESIGNS! will definitely play this one! I immediately thought of something, I have a few other challenges I wanted to work on tonight and this gives me the design plan I needed!

Woo-Hoo! thanx for the inspo!!!

Janet said...
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Janet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Janet said...

me again!! I keep messing up the links! Just delete those other ones.

Anyway, used 50 (the most brads I ever used) on this hybrid layout:

SIS link
Two Peas link

I hope to beat that!


Shayla said...

Hey, I tried this one. I didn't use as many as the others but I meet the min. which is the most I have ever used!

thanks for the challenge :)

Judy said...

132 brads???? Wow...the design using them is really creative and just fab!

NeniaDawn said...

Scrappy Rat said...

Okay, I have 2 pics...sure they're of the same layout, but this way you can choose your fave:
You can't see all the brads in the link above, but you can see the inspiration for the layout, Revco, posing with the page. :)

Okay and here is the serious picture minus the endless repeating dog optical illusion:
It's hard to see, but I put a lot of effort into the embossing. The person sitting across from me at the crop actually laughed at me saying, "you spent an hour embossing all those tiny snowflakes just to put a dog over it?" But I think it was worth it. :)

Veronica, Fiskateer # 1135

Jana Eubank said...

That swirl rocks, Greta! Sooooo worth it! :)

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