Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Whoo hoooo!! so the random number generator (although i put names in not numbers)


Please email us at with your snail mail so we can get our crap out to you!

Because i have enough left for 2 people and Simone only has enough left for 2 people we picked 4 people and therefore will be passing on our crap to you.
There is a catch though {evil laugh} you have to use it...make something with it and then email us so we can see...we are 2 nosey girls ;)

**The post below this one is our current challenge that will run until Monday**

Thanks everyone for commenting and we hope to see you participating in our challenges so you can use up your crap and buy more guilt free.


mica said...

Hurray! Of course I will use them. Just like buying a lotto ticket, we all think about what to do if won when entering anything. Or is it just me?
Thanks guys!!

Helen said...

congrats girls ! :):)
can't wait to see what you'll do ! :)

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