Monday, March 10, 2008

Challenge #6: Unloved Stamps

Stamps are the one thing I buy with the best intentions and then only use a select few.
And it seems that there are many other people who do the same thing because when I suggested this challenge to Greta, her response was...
"I have so many to choose from, which ones should I use?"

So, this week...Pull out those stamps you've never or barely ever used.
You know, the ones you may have never even mounted.
Or that are still in the packaging.
Or you think you used once on that one card a year ago and never touched again....
Those are the stamps we are looking for.
Show us your Unloved Stamps, they wanna have fun too!!

And remember...If you've joined us in this challenge, we'd love to see those cards, pages or projects, so be sure to add a link in the comments section.

i used 3 different stamps for this one that i have never used before out of my stash!


Stamps are from KI Memories and new SU rubons.
The patterned paper is from Dude Designs.


Wendy said...

Omg! i just finished the rubon challenge and heres 2 more for me to try :) i do have some "unloved" stamps...well i still love them but just not in that special ink way :) haha

Lizard said...

awesome challenge.. i really dont have many unused stamps or unloved one :) but I'll try with the ones i have used the least :)

Monica-FC said...

here is my challenge for thestamp challenge. here on my blog.

many thanks.

karen (akaliz) said...

do foam stamps count? cuz i certainly have enough of those!

Lizard said...

heres mu entry:

used i stamp i haevnt before and found out i LOVE it

Maggie said...

here's mine..

Mary R said...

Here is mine:


Anonymous said... is mine:

Greta said...

lydia...i copied the link but it said the image is not their or has been removed can you try again


Amanda Ann said...

I did it!! :) I just HAD to have these Love, Elsie doodle stamps like 9 months ago. I used them once the day I got them and never touched them again!!

Anonymous said...

here is my entry:

awesome challenge!!

julie (lalscrap)

karen (akaliz) said...

finally! these KI and HSK stamps had zero ink on them. i even had to use my scissors to open up the KI package! thanks ladies!

Lydian said...

Sorry , I'll try again HTH!

Jonnine said...

okay i guess this is enought to get me caught up and make up for the ones i did not post to.. hehe

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