Monday, March 3, 2008

Challenge #5: Old Skool Patterned Paper

Throwing it back old skool...You know that paper that you have been hanging on to for a long time because back in the day you bought it and thought it was soooooo great...and it just too...we know that paper all too well...break it out, dust it off and cut it up...Now when we say old skool paper we mean OLD SKOOL paper....see if you can find and scrap the oldest paper you have in your stash!!


This paper is circa 2002-2003 somewhere in that year!!


This paper is by Paper Pizazz, I don't even think they are still around.
I loved it so much I owned 2 pieces, same paper different colors.
And never used it.
The date on the back.....2003!

As always be sure to link us in the comments section of this blog so we can see your old skool paper and link it up!!


Karen said...

Paper Pizazz is still around- they are from Hot Off the Press and their 12x12 pads were the first "contraband" (non Creative Memories) PP I ever bought :P

Lisa said...

Thanks for your challenges, they have made me see that I need to stay out of the scrapbook store for awhile!

Amanda Ann said...

I just finished mine!! This was fun! I added some old skool to some new skool. LOL

karen (akaliz) said...

ok, so, if you can believe it...i had zeeeeroooo old skool paper! the oldest i have is some KI Poolside!

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