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Challenge #52: Floss it up

Embroidery floss is becoming more and more popular and features in the majority of Scrapbook Kits these days. We are sure that most of you have a skein of embroidery floss stashed away, go find it and include it in a prominent way on your project. The more the better. If by some small, itsy bitsy teeny tiny chance or miracle you do not have floss in your stash of crap have no fear as for next month's challenge we feel confident we can accommodate you :)


Be sure and comment with a link to your *newly created* project so we can see and comment on them. From all entries linked no later than 20th April 2010, 16:00hrs EST we will choose one overall winner, who will be crowned our Queen of the Crap no later than 25th April 2010.

We are also proud to present you with another Sponsor for the April Winner. Scrapitalia, have kindly put together this fun kit - we are so loving the green and pink color combo...yum!

*** If you link us to an online gallery, make sure that you only use one for which we do not need to register in order to view/comment ***



I have lots of floss but unfortunately it looks like a volcano erupted in my room and all i could find was this one. {deep sigh} I guess it's time to clean.
Kit used was Seaside Cottage from Noel


I am totally hooked on embroidery floss and I can honestly say that even if I continue to use it on every layout or card - if will not run out until 2025. Yep, *stands-up-and-raises-hands*: "my name is Kim, and I am a floss-a-holic".


I used to cross-stitch, so I have lots of floss. While I like to stitch on layouts, for this one I used the floss to wrap around my chipboard shapes - the flowers at the bottom with just a little floss as an accent, while the heart is completely covered! Next time I will paint the chipboard first so any gaps in the floss don't show as much.


Its sad to say, that I had one piece of floss to work with. Can you imagine the shock and disbelief I had when I realized that? 4 million miles of ribbon and 1 string of floss. Well, can't say how long it was in that box but I used it. I tied off all my buttons with it and criss crossed some details. Did I mention that I didn't have a needle? What kind of a scrapper have I become...LOL


I have a many containers of floss as I used to cross-stitch and quilt - a lot! It surprised me though that I've never used it that much in my scrap booking, oh sure I sew with my machine all the time, but by hand? - pfft, I'll always find an easier way! I used thread on this layout by hanging the little letter flags at the top. I concealed some double sided tape underneath to keep them in one place. I also did some cross-stitching around the layout to continue the floss theme. Who said can only floss your teeth? Go on and floss your layout too!


I have this art hanging on the wall of my kitchen that is a collection of collages that are themed cooking/holly homemaker. Every once in a while, I make an 8 x 6 piece that fits in that theme and it gets hung up on a vintage wooden hanger. This time I chose an image advertising Vins Cafe, and used my floss to embroider a vine to complement the image. Please visit my blog here to see the rest!!


This challenge kinda backfired on me. I decided what I wanted to do, got half-way through my stitching and ran out of the colour of floss I was using. Which meant I had to go buy more. And it was on sale. So instead of using up my crap, I actually came home with 8 more skeins of floss. Because it was cheap and I couldn't just leave it there. Hmmm.
Anywho ... this is a photo of my dad when he was small. I always think he looked like Spanky from the Little Rascals with his wee hat turns sideways and his short pants. I tried a few different ways to add journaling but thought it looked cluttered. I'll probably just write about it on the back if I can't figure out a way to add it to the layout that I like.
To come up with my background, I used a scrap piece of 12x12 and free-hand drew the design of vines and leaves. I used repositionable adhesive to attach it to my cardstock and punched holes along the design. I love how the ecru floss stands out so much from the dark background.
I used the February kit from Up The Street Kits.
Visit my blog for detail shots.


I used to cross-stitching last year so I have a lot of floss in many colors. For this art-journal page I chose pink and white floss, I hand-stitched the edges of the pages and I added a third page sewn at the edge of the right page.
My art journal page has a lot of layers: acrylic paint, inks, collage, watercolors, glimmer mist, wax pastels, etc... The image is a photocopy from an old 1960 italian magazine, "Annabella".
Visit my blog for more photos and details.

Loved diggin through my floss and picking out fun colors to play with and using them on my pages. I just penciled the letters on my page and while watching t.v. i stitched the letters over the pencil markings. Thanks for looking!


This was an easy challenege for me since i use hand sititching with my floss in most all of my layouts,so i took extra time for the v stitch and florish!I cant wait to see what others come up with!

We are also pleased as punch to present you with a layout from Guest Designer Jill Oriente this month. Isn't this layout just darling? We love how cleverly Jill used her floss to create the flowers - gorgeous!


jillofallcrafttrades said...

wesome layouts ladies!cant wait to see what else comes in!
and Jill,so happy to have you with us this month!

Angela Fehr said...

Great layouts, everyone! I've got lots of ideas for using floss now!

Enri said...

Awesome challenge,awesome sponsor and awesome layouts! I really love my DF Illy's one :-)

Kristin said...

You gals totally ROCKED ...this challenge ...can not wait to see what everyone else comes up with!!!!

twistedsoda said...

so many wicked ideas girls. I love the floss as flowers, as alphas, borders. I might have to try them all now!

Leslie said...

Yay, Jill! Thanks for playing! Great layouts, ladies!

Deanne Burton said...

Great inspiration! I stitched on my card.

My card can be found HERE!

li-bee-ti said...

Now, this is a great challenge! I LOVE it.
All DT's los are fab and very inspiring.
My lo, stitched all around, is here.

Colleen said...

Great layouts and very different uses of the floss. Here is my layout using floss. I crocheted an edge around a cupcake paper holder and them made it into a flower. You can see it here:

宗穎宗穎 said...
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Krystle said...

Great challenge! I have to admit that this is the first time that I have actually tried to sew on my layout -- hope you like it!

Vieve said...

I love this challenge, because I have loads of floss...and I mean LOADS! So thank you for getting me to dig into that stash! My layout is at:

Kyky said...

Thanks for this challenge!
here's my page:



Arianne said...

This is soooooooooooooo my challenge; I'm a total stitch-a-holic!

Made a card for this challenge.
You can view it here.

Blooming Crafts said...

Love all the layouts

Jennie said...

here is mine


Erica912 said...

Here is mine!
Been wanting to do something like this for a while, glad to have gotten the *push* to do so :)

Simona said...

here's mine:

Yogi said...

Wonderful challenge. I used the floss as part of the flower centers. Love the look. Thanks

Jill Oriente said...

Love all the ideas! These are awesome!


my second lo- I used floss for ballons

♥Nancy said...

floss is so fun... and addictive! Used floss for the heart and title ("ride")

Here's my link:

TracyP said...

Thanks for the great challenge! Tried to use floss in a way I haven't before!


Blossom inch said...

great layouts and is my take:

PaolaEtta said...

Great works ladies!
Here's my entry

Anonymous said...

thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩ ........................................

li-bee-ti said...

And here is my 2nd lo. I stitched all around as a frame, a little circle on the flower, and tied floss through the eyelets.
fighting evil.

Queen La Rubba ~ Rachael Doxsee said...

love the challenge them! Here is the link to my post.........

Rach ~ Queen La Rubba

Caroline said...

Here is my layout for the challenge, used twine though as i have no embroidery thread hope this ok

Arianne said...

Hope it's okay to enter the challenge twice. I'm so addicted to stitching, I use stitching on anything! ;0)

You can see my submission here.

wendipooh13 said...

this was soo fun and I had to get to it when I saw the challenge, just had to find the floss!!! LOL

Here is mine:

Rita said...

this is my LO

珮瑜珮瑜 said...
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Kim said...

Here is my layout! I think I may be too late, but wanted to share anyways! Have a GREAT Day!

Lisanna said...
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Lisanna said...

here is my layout in later. but to scrap it's important :)

Lisanna said...

here is my layout in later. but to scrap it's important :)

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